Right technician. Right place. Right time – Invoiced on time, every time. simPRO Job Management Software

simPRO’s Job Management Software connects your workforce, helps determine job costs and automates the invoicing process.

Chances are, you’ve got staff or sub-contractors out there working right now. Managing and coordinating them efficiently is critical to your business’s profitability. simPRO’s integrated Job Management Software gives you complete strategic, operational and cost control for the entire business.

Included in the job management software:

Job Organisation

  • Job dispatch direct to Smart Phones and Tablet Apps or by SMS and Email
  • Individual technician costs, labour schedules, and productivity
  • Sub-contractor work requests and task rate pricing schedules

Account Management

  • Critical account information, the moment a service call is logged
  • Same-day invoicing
  • Improved contract management

Tracking Software

  • Superior reports based on departmental and job-based profit reporting
  • Inventory and job purchases across each warehouse and vehicle
  • simTRAC allows you to measure company vehicle activity

The power of simPRO’s Job Management Software lies in its ability to communicate and coordinate job information to and from technicians in the field. Instantly provide and capture the exact information you need from the field, such as signatures, pictures, test results or simple Purchase Order numbers.
Whether your staff are in the office, on the road, on the go or on the job – simPRO keeps them connected.

Customers and Locations

You’ll never get caught short. simPRO keeps all site and customer information at your fingertips, including outstanding invoices and pricing schedules.

Technicians and Contractors

simPRO software can assign your preferred technician to a specific job site. It can also engage sub-contractors at multiple levels – such as time & materials or a set fee-per-task rate. 
Using simPRO field mobility you can easily stay connected with your technicians in the field.

Field Mobility

Out and about should not mean out of touch. When your staff are in the field our range of simPRO Mobile options let you stay connected and keep your entire system up-to-date with real-time on-site reporting. Running on either Smart Phones or Tablets for your choice of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile the simPRO Mobile Apps deliver you the flexibility you need.

Inventory Management

Tracking inventory is a complicated yet necessary requirement to run operations smoothly. simPRO gives you multi-location inventory with independent minimum stock levels and replenish points in each. So your service vehicles can be replenished rapidly and back on the road in no time.

Accounting Integration

Operationally, simPRO handles it all. However, you’ll still need an accounting system for overheads, payroll and the like. So simPRO directly processes all your invoices, receipts, job purchases and retentions through to your existing accounting system.
These transactions then automatically flow through to your general ledger, subsidiary ledgers (debtors, creditors) and cashbook.

Asset Management

simPRO’s asset register lets you assign and manage physical assets to your customer location database. You can add, edit, delete or update assets from the office – either individually or by mass import – or automatically from the field via Digital Pens.

Scheduling and Dispatch

simPRO makes employee and job scheduling easy. Service jobs hinge on your customers’ locations relative to your technicians and their schedules. And simPRO’s scheduling is flexible, letting you track and manage your employees, when they are working, where they are and where they should be.

Schedule and monitor using Google Maps.

Learn more about Employee & Job Scheduling.

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